Use Your Own Domain

You can connect your own custom domain name to your Echospaces website for no charge.

Get Stats & Charts

Get stats and charts to help you gain insights into how your fans are absorb your music.

Look Professional

There's no reason for your band to have an ugly website. Look professional without trying.


Showcase Your Music

Showcase your music and turn your entire discography into a mobile-ready streaming playlist.

Include links to download, buy or stream your album and individual tracks.


Showcase Your Photos

Upload photos from your computer or in real-time from your mobile phone or tablet.


Showcase Your Videos

Create a gallery of music videos and live performances just by copying and pasting a YouTube link.


Gig Calendar

Keep your fans up to date with an easy-to-use gig calendar. Include important details like age limit, venue location and the ticket purchase URL.


Your Band's Blog

Share stories, photos and more with your fans. You blog will help increase fan engagement and boost your website's search rankings.

How easy is it to use?
You can do it yourself! It's super easy.


Drag your music & photos into the browser

Adding music to your website has never been easier. Just drag and drop mp3s and wav files from your desktop to your browser.

When you upload your files, we'll automatically convert your files into a good format for streaming.


Drag-and-Drop Ordering

No need to mess with messy menus and configurations, just drag photos, videos and songs to reorder them how you'd like.

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